League of Legend Korea / Korean / South Korea / LCK server
You can only register Korean LOL account with Korean mobile phone & Korean ID
And we can help you with that!

Riot Korean Account = Able to play Valorant

Safe and Custom account

Price: USD $15.99 
1 Level + custom login ID + custom password + custom summoner’s name (in game name) + custom email address
This account is a fresh new account, verify your email address
Safe account
Available to change password
Delivery time: 3 hours ~ 3 days
 This is non-refundable
You should take this if you plan to play Korean LOL for a long time
Remind: remember for using korean ip address to play

Verified account

Price: USD $15.99 = 20~25 champions + random + 30 level
Price: USD $20.99 = 40~45 champions + random + 30 level
Price: USD $27.99 = 60~75 champions + random + 30 level
Price: USD $34.99 = 80~90 champions + random + 30 level
All accounts can be directly use for ranking
Champions, blue essence, rune pages, skin, ranking are random as well
Delivery time: within 30 mins (in working hour)
Not 100% safe
No any after-sale service for verified account
Unable to change password
Cannot be recharge
 This is non-refundable
You should take this if you plan to play Korean LOL for a short time and don’t want to waste your time at leveling
Current Offer: Buy two accounts at once – 5% off and Buy three accounts at once – 10% off!

Why so cheap?
We are selling account to you directly, there are no reseller between us (and we are welcome reseller if you are)

How to buy?
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How to buy

1) Select your LOL account package

2) Contact customer service

3) Make a payment

4) Account will be provided shortly


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First place for buying LOL Korean account

Purchase protection

1) Safety after-sales service

2) Honest description

3) Professional service

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